KewlGames Inc Vancouver

A fancast based on Cool Games Inc, made after it was cancelled, that was a tribute to the fans of the show who still had great ideas for fake video games. This was Spanky and Euan's first project with each other and was the precursor to While Away!

Written by Spanky on Saturday March 10, 2018

While Away

Euan and Spanky like a lot of things. They also like to talk about a lot of things. While Away is a variety podcast with segments dedicated to specific discussions. Wanna hear their takes on movies? Check out Popcorn Corner! Or maybe you want to hear a defense of something that is typically hated? One Man's Trash is the segment you're looking for. There are many more segments and special guests and other nice things inside. So, whaddya say, let us While Away the hours with you?

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Written by Spanky on Saturday March 10, 2018