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The Boring One [Cartoon Crunch, One Man's Trash]

Episode 6

We're joined by a special guest this week! TJ (@mayofmay84 on Twitter) from the Born In The Eighties podcast pops in to talk about Final Fantasy 8. This month's episode features: Cartoon Crunch, and One Man's Trash.

Cartoon Crunch ( 2:25 ) - Back in the nineties I was in a very famous TV show. That's not true. Bojack Horseman (the horse) however was in a very famous TV show and this month we talk about Bojack Horseman (the show) in Cartoon Crunch.

One Man's Trash ( 41:54 ) - Joined by a special guest, Spanky delights in talking about TJ's trash (Final Fantasy 8) while Euan wishes he were anywhere else but on this podcast. Fun!

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