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Deadite Do That? [Popcorn Corner, Cartoon Crunch, Stream Crossers] - While Away | SpankyWorks

Episode 8

We're selling out and creating a cinematic universe this month. Also, Euan likes princesses. This month's episode features: Popcorn Corner, Cartoon Crunch, and Stream Crossers.

Popcorn Corner ( 6:12 ) - It's a Solo Podcast! Not like a solo-podcast (there's still two of us) but we're talking about Solo: A Star Wars Movie!

Cartoon Crunch ( 51:41 ) - We watched a cartoon FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL! She-Ra She-Ra! She-Raaaaaa! (Go look up the She-Ra 80's theme if you haven't, it's great).

Stream Crossers ( 1:26:28 ) - Where to start with this one... It was kind of a trip inspired by the upcoming Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse and we accidentally made our own cinematic universe. Enjoy..?

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